Rick Windham

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I am an experienced software developer and architect, and I am passionate about simple solutions to complex problems. I have been involved for the past five years in the mobile app arena, in both native app development and the backend support stack. Some of the major projects that I have played an integral part in are: HBO Go (worked on research for a new generation of app, fixed bugs involving OpenGL effects and other bugs, assisted the team); TrialGuides (designed and built a CoreText based eBook layout engine and reader using GCD async arhitecture, implimented custom attributes for objects not available in iOS); Nook for iOS (designed and wrote an Objective-C wrapper around the Adobe RMSDK using NSOperationQueues, wrote the paging model and developed UIKit based text selection); HEAT Home Energy Audit Pro (built an Objective-C wrapper and Unit Tests for building a Windows DLL into an iOS app).

Before mobile applications, I was the infrastructure architect for the iO digital cable project at Cablevision. I am also active in the OpenSource community, particularly in Swift development. I have a new blog SwiftTi.me where I and other coders are sharing our experiences with this new language. My current Swift Time project is a Swift Reachability class I call “SwiftlyReachable.”

I am seeking contracts with any of those technologies or other technologies I have experience in. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about my practice, availability or anything else interesting.


Swift Objective-C / C Cocoa / CocoaTouch
CloudKit / CoreData Cloud Services Go
JavaScript / Node NoSQL / SQL Streaming A/V
REST / SoA VoIP / Asterisk  
Unix / Linux OS X / iOS  





iOS Apps OpenSource
HBOGo/MAXGo SwiftTime
Pins app SwiftlyReachable
Trial Guides Contibuted To
HEAT Home Energy Audit Pro mogenerator
IFR Markets (Thomson Reuters) vagrant-digitalocean
Nook for iOS  



rick [at] mti [dot] io - GitHub - LinkedIn